♥ thank you! ♥

That was awesome! Here’s a few thank yous, and some thoughts about future markets.

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That was awesome!

Shout out to:

  • Bee and Sabre for helping out with the Instagram, setup, packdown and other on-the-day logistics;
  • Every single stallholder, including the ones who had to pull out because there were just too many Pride events they were committed to;
  • Gina from Rampant Coffee Co and Moana from Auckland Council for being the ultimate GCs, along with the rest of their crew
  • Baby Zionov for DJing a four hour (!!!) set which provided the perfect backdrop for chill conversations and art appreciation
  • All of you who showed up!

Thank you! This couldn’t have happened without any of you.

If you want to see more like this, check out the regular Fresh Finds markets in the same place, and stay tuned!

You can follow this site to get email updates when there’s a new post (which’ll be an announcement of the next market).

As an aside, a few of you asked if we could make this a biannual thing, not just during Pride. It’s possible, but it’d require someone else to step up to help organise – my day job won’t allow the spare time I had this summer over the winter!

If you’d like to help out, hit me up through the volunteer form or at 🙂


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